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our vision

It is our definite goal to grow and mature together with all the believers in this city, until we express Christ in His full stature; at the same time it is our desire to win for Christ as many people as possible. Since Christ cannot be divided, his Body on earth also cannot and must not be divided and separated into many different churches and Christian groups.

Therefore we strive with all our strength for the unity of the Body in making known the truth to as many of God's children as possible, here and abroad, in word and writing, through our testimony and practical living - the truth, that in every place on earth there can be only one form of Christian fellowship that has God's unrestricted favor: the fellowship of the Body of Christ without any division within this Body.

Since each locality has its own features, the fellowship of the Body of Christ will also have its own peculiar manifestation according to the place in which it exists. But the life, that pulsates in this church, and the law that governs it in all its operations is one and the same as in all the other local manifestations of the Body of Christ.

We believe that, according to the Word of God, the Church in a given locality is built up through the contributions of each member and through the various ministries the Lord provides to equip the saints, so that they are able to serve in a much better and more effective way.

In this Church (expressing and representing the Body of Christ), there are no offices, no hierarchies, no institutional positions, which need to be occupied always by new people.
There are only functions of ministry, which stand and fall with the persons who represent them. It is very important to us that everyone is ministering with the gifts he/she has received.

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