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what we believe

Whatever God, in all ages and everywhere in the world, has ever revealed and poured out belongs to the Church and is therefore ours in Christ Jesus. That's why we are open to all the teachings and contents of confessions that all Christians on earth have in common, as long as they are founded on Scripture.

We believe in the full reality of salvation through and in Jesus Christ, and also in the fruits of this glorious salvation: the new creation and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We appreciate and welcome all the gifts and powers with which the Holy Spirit has entrusted the Church, so that she can be His Testimony on earth. Among them are the gift of healing, speaking in other tongues and the gift and ministry of prophecy in the practical everyday life of the church.

We also believe in the necessity of living a holy life, of being crucified with Christ in having put to death the deeds of our sinful body, in a life of complete consecration to the will and purpose of God and under the absolute headship of Christ, in union with the one Spirit in all the saints in our city and everywhere. Since the Church is the incarnation of the resurrected and exalted Christ she has all the authority and power He has transmitted to her. In the name of Christ and through the working power of God she is able to reign with Christ and to submit all enemies to Him.

We also believe that the church is a house of prayer, and therefore personal and corporate prayer is an absolute priority with us.

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